Who Is Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend And Many More Information

Mike Zimmer

Supermodel Katarina Elizabeth Miketin, who dated former Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, responded to Rick Spielman’s recent media tour by criticising Spielman.

Deion Sanders recently made comments claiming former Vikings head coaches Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman, who were both let go in early January, were not in contact with one another.

What about the general manager’s connection to the company? For the past three months, you have avoided contact with your coach. Rick, it’s always been your “game” to backtrack and put a positive spin on things. Your PR blitz of “it wasn’t my fault” is embarrassing.

January 29, 2022, Katarina Elizabeth Miketin (@KMiketin)

Two tweets from Miketin this past week lend credence to that report. On Thursday, she commented on a video of former general manager Rick Spielman talking to Colin Cowher about the difficulties of being a defensive coordinator in a quarterback league. She accused Spielman of shifting blame.

The general manager’s connection to the company, she questioned. Have you gone three months without contacting your coach? Rick, it’s always been your “game” to backtrack and put a positive spin on things. You should be ashamed of yourself for going on such a public relations blitz with the words “it wasn’t my fault.”

Mike Zimmer, a former coach for the Minnesota Vikings, is dating Katarina Miketin.

A few weeks ago, Spielman also made an appearance on the “Move the Sticks” podcast from NFL Media. And while he didn’t drop a nuclear bomb on Zimmer, he did bring up the team’s history of offensive coordinator vacancies.

Former Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman

During coach Zimmer’s tenure, “I think we went through maybe six different [offensive coordinators],” Spielman remarked. As one participant put it, “It was always like shooting at a changing target. I know you attempt to make adjustments based on the personnel we have, but is there anything in your strategy that could help you make better use of their abilities? Is there a way that some coaches can say, “Hey, I have to change my scheme to what the players can accomplish as well,” given the high rate of coaching churn and the constant need to match personnel with system? “This is what we run, this is what we have to have, and if they don’t fit this, then I don’t want them,” coaches are stating in some cases.

After the 2022 season, the Vikings fired both Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer in January.

Michael argued against what Spielman said.

“Rick, “How can you form a team if you won’t even talk to the coach or show up to practise?” she questioned. You were quite vocal to everyone else, yet kept quiet around the key players when teamwork was crucial. Distancing was brought on by YOU. Don’t go about spreading rumours like that. Just the facts, please.

Rick, If you don’t want to work with the coach and you never show up to practise, it will be difficult to become an integral part of the team. You were quite talkative with everyone else, except the people who really mattered when the team needed to pull together. Distancing was brought on by YOU. Don’t go about spreading rumours like that. Now, let’s get down to business and discuss the facts.

In honour of Katarina Elizabeth Miketin Day (@KMiketin) on January 27, 2022

According to Awesemo.com, Miketin also criticised Spielman in her Instagram Stories, writing, “No respect for MN. Please accept some of the blame.

Miketin, who is 39, has an MBA from Northwestern and has been featured on the cover of Maxim Australia. She was born in Minnesota to parents who emigrated from Yugoslavia. She announced their relationship in November 2020, after rumours of their dating surfaced in the fall of that year.

From 2014 through 2021, Zimmer guided the Vikings to a regular-season record of 72-56-1.

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