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Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane Biography

Actor Robbie Coltrane has a solid reputation. On March 30, 1950, Robbie Coltrane entered the world. In terms of wealth, actor Robbie Coltrane can boast a cool $4 million. Robbie Coltrane was a famous Scottish comedian and actor. His roles as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films (2001–2011) and Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky in GoldenEye (1995) and The World Is Not Enough (2000) catapulted him to international fame (1999). He received an Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Her Majesty the Queen in the New Year’s Honours for 2006.

Robbie Coltrane’s Lifespan

On March 30, 1950, Robbie Coltrane entered the world. As a result, Robbie Coltrane‘s age is calculated to be 42 years. Actor Robbie Coltrane enjoys widespread fame.

Cause of Death for Robbie Coltrane

Robbie and his wife separated in 2003, and soon after, he began experiencing health problems.

He had been confined to a wheelchair due to his osteoarthritis for at least eight years.

We know from his own words that the pervasive Illness causes him excruciating suffering.

After a few days in the hospital, he passed away on October 14, 2022. He had been admitted to Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Robbie was a veteran of the entertainment business who died at the age of 72.

This article has detailed the full explanation behind Robbie Coltrane’s untimely demise, which was osteoarthritis.

In-Depth Information About Robbie Coltrane’s Family

On March 30, 1950, Coltrane was born to Jean Ross Howie and Ian Baxter McMillan in Rutherglen, Scotland. Whereas Jean Ross was a schoolteacher, Ian Baxter worked as a forensic physician for the Scotland Yard. Annie and Jane were his sisters. Robbie Coltrane wed Rhona Gennell on December 11, 1999. He has a son named Spencer and a daughter named Alice with her. He studied acting at the Glasgow School of Art, where he eventually found his calling. In 1993, Robbie Coltrane starred in and penned his book “Coltrane in a Cadillac,” in which he drove a luxury 1951 Cadillac from Los Angeles to New York City.

FAQs On Robbie Coltrane

When was Robbie Coltrane Born?

Anthony Robert McMillan or Robbie Coltrane was born on 30th March,1950 in Rutherglen Scotland. His mother was a teacher and Father was a doctor in the Scotland Police.

What is the real name of Robbie Coltrane?

The real name of Robbie Coltrnae is Anthony Robert McMillan which he altered to John Coltrnae.

What is the Robbie Coltrane’s Death Reason ?

The real reason of his death is Osteoarthritis as confirmed by the doctor and family. However, he has been in a wheelchair since 2019.

What is the Robbie Coltrane Net Worth?

At the time of his death Coltrane had a fortune of 4 Million Dollars.

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