Liberte Chan Net Worth, Early LIfe, And Family!

Liberte Chan Net Worth

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Who is Kyla-5 News Weather Reporter Liberte Chan? Check for information about her age, birthday, salary, parents, and husband.

Who is Ktla 5 News Weather Reporter Liberte Chan?

Liberte Chan is a weathercaster, news reporter, and meteorologist of Caucasian and Asian ancestry. Liberte Chan was born at an undisclosed time in the early 1980s in Los Angeles, California, USA. Although she has had many different professional engagements in the news sector, spanning numerous TV stations, she is arguably best recognized for her screen time as a meteorologist on the KTLA news channel. She has spent more than ten years working in the occasionally lucrative field of weather casting.

Liberte Chan Early Life and Education

Liberte was the younger of two brothers and was born to a Caucasian father and a Chinese mother. Given that Liberte grew up as a competitive figure skater who won first place in both singles and couples, it is unclear when she developed an interest in the career she holds today. It is stated that when Liberte was a teenager, she expressed interest in working as a weathercaster. Still, her mother insisted that she finish school first and then consider a variety of jobs that are comparable to the said profession as well.

Liberte Chan

Although Liberte was already a figure skater who frequently performed in front of large crowds, another unproven rumor was that she formerly feared the public. Despite her concern, she decided to follow this career. Her schooling began at Marlborough School, where she graduated and enrolled before continuing to the University of Massachusetts, from which she earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. Later, she attended the University of Southern California, earning a Master’s in communications and health.

Liberte Chan Career

Following graduation, Liberte looked for work. In 2003, she was hired by a representative of the Los Angeles, California-based CW-affiliated television station KTLA-5. She got the chance to collaborate with Harold “Hal” Fisher, a renowned late news anchor, as one of the authors of his hour-long news program called “News at 10” in the early years of her job. After working for KTLA-5 for a while, Liberte eventually found a better job chance on the Central Coast of California at the CBS-affiliated Santa Barbara county-based KCOY-TV, which was later renamed KKFX-TV after the Fox network acquired ownership.

At approximately the same time, Chan was given a chance to take part in the production of many news articles about the Santa Barbara County Probation Department. Jerry Brown, the governor of California at the time, later publicly commended Chan for her work on the stories. As her reputation grew due to her achievements in the news business, an NBC representative saw her. She subsequently got the weekday morning news anchor job at the NBC-affiliated KMIR-TV. She returned to KTLA-5, where she is currently employed, in 2010, nevertheless.

Liberte Chan Love Life

Although few facts about Liberte’s early love life are known, it is well known that she dated actor and singer Brian Chase for several years before he proposed to her. They wed in 2012 in a ceremony that appeared to be lavish on the lawn of the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately for the couple, the marriage proved to be a mistake, as they promptly filed for divorce a short time later, on an unknown date. Before Chan tells the public about any previous relationships, whether the star had any other companions is unknown.

What is Liberte Chan’s Net Worth?

Ever ponder Liberte Chan’s net worth as of mid-2018? According to many reliable sources, Liberte’s wealth is close to $3 million, with her annual pay over $500,000. Her several triumphs in the news business have contributed significantly to her riches, but her long tenure at KTLA-5 has made the most significant impact. The sum mentioned above is anticipated to rise as her career progresses.

Liberte Chan Body Measurements

The weathercaster and news anchor’s vital statistics are unknown. However, many sources claim that she is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) tall. There are also no current estimations for the celebrity’s weight. Her eyes and hair are both dark brown.

Liberte Chan Family

Liberte, a native American, was raised in a mixed-race family and was born in Los Angeles, California. Tom and Angie Thornbury are referred to as Liberte’s parents. Similar to Liberte, Liberte’s mother was of Chinese descent. However, Liberte’s mother is no longer with us since she passed away in 2020 following a protracted battle with awful pancreatic cancer.

Nevertheless, Tom, Liberte’s father, is a Caucasian archaeologist still alive. Like her father, Liberte likewise upholds Christian promises. Randy and Cory, Liberte’s two siblings, were his boyhood playmates.

Liberte Chan is Currently Married to Luis Strohmeier

When Liberte announced her engagement to Luis Strohmeier in October 2020, congratulations began to pour in. Liberte endured numerous ill-fated relationships before finding happiness with Luis Strohmeier, the right man for her.

On the other side, Luis Strohmeier was also married, but Gretchen Strohmeier passed from breast cancer. Liberte is their stepmother because Luis is the father of three children, Alicia, Kristina, Alex, and Andrew Michaels Strohmeier. Luis Strohmeier is a knowledgeable wealth counselor at the Los Angeles location of Octavia Wealth Advisors. Before this, Luis spent more than three decades as the lead partner of Midwest Financial Partners.

Liberte Chan Engagement

The day of Liberte’s engagement must have been one of the most romantic occasions ever. Liberte confirmed her engagement to Luis on October 5, 2020. Additionally, the location of their engagement was Luis’s jet, where he got on his knees and proposed to Liberte.

Liberte also proudly displayed the diamond engagement ring that Luis gave her. The diamond bracelet Luis was fastening on Liberte’s wrist was also visible.

Liberte Chan Marriage

Liberte and Luis began ringing the wedding bells five months after announcing their engagement. Liberte was a nervous wreck the day before the wedding, practicing the ceremony in a white bridal dress. But on April 15, 2021, the actual wedding day, Liberte wore a beautiful Burgandy dress and Luis a dapper two-piece suit.

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