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Bow Wow Net Worth

Bow Wow Net worth:

Bow Wow Net Worth:- $1.5 million American rapper and actor Bow Wow. The publication of Bow Wow’s first record, at the tender age of 13, caused him to become an instant sensation in the music industry. Back then, people referred to him as “Lil’ Bow Wow.” Bow Wow tried his hand at acting after finding fame in the music industry.

History and Development

Shad Gregory Moss (aka Bow Wow) was born on March 9, 1987, in Columbus, Ohio (his stage name). He started using the stage moniker “Kid Gangsta” when he was just six years old. Moss grew up listening to hip hop, therefore artists like N.W.A. had a major impact on him. This was the moment that Bow Wow got his big break as a performer in Los Angeles. The teenage rapper wowed Snoop Dogg, who was in the audience that day. Snoop Dogg introduced himself to Moss after the show and gave him the nickname “Lil’ Bow Wow.” The moniker stayed.


Although Snoop Dogg had yet to drop his debut album, he had already recruited Lil’ Bow Wow to appear on a cut. Late in 1993, the album “Doggystyle” was published. He got his start in the industry with a spot on “Gz and Hustlas,” where he performed alongside fellow newcomer Lil’ Bow Wow. Later that year, he became more well-known after making an appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

After five years, at age 11, he was discovered by producer Jermaine Dupri, who invested heavily in developing his potential. After having his music featured on the “Wild Wild West” soundtrack in 1999, when Lil’ Bow Wow was only 13, he was ready to release his first album the following year. There were successes like “Bounce With Me” and “Bow Wow” on the album “Beware of the Dog.” Both Snoop Dogg and the other rapper continued their working partnership on the latter song, which became a chart-topper. Considering it was Lil’ Bow Wow’s first album, its success was remarkable: more than 2 million copies were sold in less than a year. Eventually, more than 3 million copies of the record were sold, more than enough to receive platinum certification.

In 2002, Bow Wow (then known as Lil’ Bow Wow) did two major things: he changed his name to Bow Wow and he published his second album, “Doggy Bag.” Bow Wow stated that he felt like he was getting older and that there were already too many rappers using the “Lil” prefix. The success of “Doggy Bag” was reflected in its peak position on the Billboard Top 200 at number eleven and a subsequent platinum certification. Titles like “Take Ya Home” appeared on the CD. The 2002 track “Basketball,” which was featured on the “Like Mike” album, was another one of Bow Wow’s most well-known works at the time.

In 2003, Bow Wow dropped an album titled “Unleashed,” which featured guest appearances from the likes of Birdman, Mario, and Amerie. The album peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200 and sold 129,000 copies in its first week, despite receiving poor reviews. This was followed by 2005’s “Wanted,” which featured guest appearances from Bow Wow, Omarion, and other musicians. Similar to “Unleashed,” “Wanted” debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 120,000 in its first week of sales. Chris Brown and T-Pain appeared on the 2006 single “The Price of Fame.” With initial sales of 262,000 copies, this album opened at position #6 on the Billboard 200.

Bow Wow’s “New Jack City II” was released in 2009, after their 2007 joint effort with Omarion. Due to mature subject matter (drug usage, for example), this is the first Bow Wow album to carry a parental advisory label. Furthermore, he joined Cash Money Records that same year. The end of Bow Wow’s musical career, at least, began with this incident. Over the next few years, he would repeatedly announce and then delay the release of his next album, despite appearing on tracks by a number of other artists and releasing a number of mixtapes. The rap artist formerly known as Bow Wow legally changed his name to Shad Moss. Also, he’d end his time at Cash Money Records without putting out an album.

Following signing with P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, he still declared his intention to retire from rapping after the release of just one more album. Those anticipating its publication were dismayed to see that it still hadn’t been made public as of 2019. A mixtape featuring Shad Moss and Soulja Boy was released in 2016.

Profession as an Actor/Host

Bow Wow has stated that he is no longer actively pursuing a music career in order to focus on his acting and hosting endeavours. Although he is most known for his musical career, Bow Wow has been acting since the early 2000s with his first film role in “Like Mike” Among his many significant roles, his work in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” stands out. He has also been a main character in several TV series, including “Smallville” and “Entourage.”

Bow Wow has also established himself as a prominent TV host and personality. For the 2013 season, Bow Wow hosted the BET show “106 and Park.” Sadly, it was cancelled in 2014. Bow Wow took over the Australian show “RnB Friday Nights” in 2016.

Questions of Law and Economics

After months of refuting the rumour, Bow Wow admitted in July 2011 that he had fathered a child named Shai with his ex-girlfriend. In court proceedings over Shai’s child support in October 2012, Bow Wow disclosed to the judge that at the time, he earned just $4,000 per month and had $1,500 in his checking account. Over time, he was fined $11,500 for past-due child support and required to pay $3,000 every month.

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